The art of happiness in couple relationships

ONLINE CAMP | JUNE 24-28, 2020


From a drop of love to an ocean of ecstasy


“The moment when we fall in love is a magical, heavenly, sublime moment in which we have a glimpse, in an often unexpected flash, of the unique, eternal and Supreme Spirit (Atman) of our loved one. Then we touch with our heart the Infinite, the Source of all fulfillment. That which is Eternal. And, when we evoke that extraordinary moment when we realized that the respective human being we began to love is pure and simply unique, we experience again a glimpse of eternity.” (Advaitananda & Adina Stoian)

Do you remember the first spark of love? What inspires us at the beginning of any couple relationship is pure love: we are so in love that we’re floating on cloud 9. We feel like the heroes of those legendary love stories that we read. We are in Paradise and we would like to live here forever…

After a while, if we’re not attentive, the mundane reality overwhelms us… The countless dull details of an ordinary day make us often forget about our loved one and how much the relationship fulfills our soul.

Then we become aware that the couple relationship requires time, energy, and dedication in order to flourish…



The answer will be revealed during this camp through theoretical explanations, as well as through multiple examples and practical methods. Knowing and practicing The Art of Happiness with our lover, we will be able to truly master this art and become a harmonious, fulfilled, ideal couple. For that, assuming a conscious choice is a necessity: the continuous transformation of each of us and of our couple relationship.

“Every effort we make, full of love and transfiguration to help the loved one to transform spiritually, also raises us above ourselves, and makes us experience sublime states, gradually opening us up towards God. Everything we offer (as a state) that is good to our beloved, we also offer to ourselves.” (Gregorian Bivolaru)



Do we want to climb a mountain and enjoy the view from a height? Then we need an experienced mountain guide who has already reached the top. Do we want to live the great heights of happiness in our couple?

In this ascension, our steps will be guided, with a lot of love and patience, by the yoga and tantra teachers Adina and Advaitananda Stoian.

With 30 years of experience, in a united, loving and tantric couple, a living example of active love, devotion, continuous transformation and radiant happiness. Adina and Advaitananda grew under the wise guidance of yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, with whom they structured one of the most valuable courses of Esoteric Tantric Yoga in the world, which is offered through the Atman International Federation of Yoga and Meditation.



The event will be kept in Romanian. English translation will be available. 



The online camp “The Art of Happiness in couple relationships” will take place on the online platform offered by MISA Sensational TV, and the access link will be sent to you after your registration.

On Wednesady, Tuesday and Friday the camp program will start after 5:00 pm (. On Saturday and on Sunday the program will start at 9:30 am.



Attention! The complete registration process for the camp includes the payment of the participation fee and the completion of the following registration form.

The participation fee is 80 Euro.

For registration, please access HERE

We’re looking forward to it with joy!


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